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Operational Commands

Operational Commands#

The -o option performs the type=op API request to execute operational commands (CLI). The command is specified with the cmd argument, which is an XML representation of the command line. The -X option converts a CLI-style cmd argument to XML (in some cases the expected XML document cannot be derived).

Show System Info# -Xjro 'show system info'

Example output:

op: success{  "system": {    "app-release-date": "2018/03/20 15:57:21 PDT",    "app-version": "793-4594",    "av-release-date": "2018/03/25 09:58:22 PDT",    "av-version": "2560-3056",    "cloud-mode": "non-cloud",    "default-gateway": "",    "devicename": "PA-VM",    "family": "vm",    "global-protect-client-package-version": "0.0.0",    "global-protect-clientless-vpn-release-date": null,    "global-protect-clientless-vpn-version": "0",    "global-protect-datafile-release-date": "unknown",    "global-protect-datafile-version": "unknown",    "hostname": "PA-VM",    "ip-address": "",    "ipv6-address": "unknown",    "ipv6-default-gateway": null,    "ipv6-link-local-address": "fe80::20c:29ff:fe10:b6a/64",    "is-dhcp": false,    "logdb-version": "8.1.8",    "mac-address": "00:0c:29:10:0b:6a",    "model": "PA-VM",    "multi-vsys": "off",    "netmask": "",    "operational-mode": "normal",    "platform-family": "vm",    "public-ip-address": "unknown",    "serial": "015351000006388",    "sw-version": "8.1.0",    "threat-release-date": "2018/03/20 15:57:21 PDT",    "threat-version": "793-4594",    "time": "Thu Apr  5 17:24:01 2018\n",    "uptime": "29 days, 20:19:51",    "url-db": "paloaltonetworks",    "url-filtering-version": "20180405.40003",    "vm-cpuid": "ESX:E3060500FFFBAB1F",    "vm-license": "VM-50",    "vm-mac-base": "E4:A7:49:0A:18:00",    "vm-mac-count": "256",    "vm-mode": "VMWare ESXi",    "vm-uuid": "564DB8BD-3315-1119-5608-E36D8E100B6A",    "vpn-disable-mode": "off",    "wf-private-release-date": "unknown",    "wf-private-version": "0",    "wildfire-release-date": "2018/03/26 09:15:06 PDT",    "wildfire-version": "229813-232248"  }}

This example used -jr to select the result content of the response as JSON. Response output options include (from --help):

-x                    print XML response to stdout-p                    print XML response in Python to stdout-j                    print XML resp